Blueberry Wellness Beginnings

Laura Walker is the founder and CEO of the social enterprise Aberdeen Blueberry Wellness. The idea was born from a lengthy career in the fitness industry, Laura’s dream was to establish an organisation which would be able to deliver an excellent fitness for health offering throughout the whole of Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Blueberry Wellness is a Fitness Education provider. Anyone in Aberdeen or surrounding areas, wishing to become a fitness professional, group instructor or personal trainer, can do so with us. In doing so you are supporting our vision of wellness in every community. Any profit we make in Aberdeen will be put back into Aberdeen by offering a free place to students form less fortunate backgrounds in Aberdeen to be able to start their new and exciting career in the fitness industry locally or beyond.

During the Covid years, Laura asked 3 other people to help her deliver her vision. In 2022 Aberdeen Blueberry Wellness became a limited company with a Community Interest Company (CIC). CIC’s are more commonly referred to as social enterprises. All profits form our business are put back into the business to improve services.

All directors are volunteers. No shareholders or directors/CEO’s get paid for the work and time we devote to Blueberry. We do have staff who are employed to deliver the services we so passionately and excellently deliver, in Aberdeen’s communities.

There was a lot of consultation in our very first community, between Laura and Tillydrone Community council, Tillydrone community flat, councillors and community leaders. Laura was able to establish Blueberry as a trusted organisation to provide a wellness offering. Blueberry now delivers a wellness offering in Tillydrone, which the community requested during our consultation. Tillydrone was the first community to welcome us in.

In January 2023 we delivered our first Group Exercise training course in Tillydrone. We have one graduate who is now working in the Tillydrone Community Campus providing an exercise class, for free, to Tillydrone Community residents. Within 6 months of trading we are now in discussions with other community leaders to deliver our wellness provision in their area.

If you think you’d like a career in fitness, please get in touch. We will advise you which courses are the right career path for you. If you’d like a wellness offering in your area, please get in touch, we’d love to support your community to wellness.

Any business out there who may want a corporate wellness offering we can support you in whatever your required needs may be. We can work together to ensure Aberdeen has wellness in EVERY community.