As a student, we will support your successful learning and potential future employment with ABW.

As a service user, our trained professionals will deliver fitness to support your health.

Fill the application form on the I Want to Be a Fit Pro page and pay for your preferred class after submission of form.

We provide Group Trainings, Gym Instructor Class and Personal Training Class.

Once we have received your application, you may be asked for an interview to tell us more about you.

If there is a good fit between us, we will work together for the benefit of your community.

To be able to access our services for your community, please fill and submit the form on the I want a Community Class Page.

Tell us more about the kind of classes you require from us and we will reach out to you soon.

Alternatively, you can also request our services for a Personal Training class by filling out the form in the I Want to Be a Fit Pro page. 

If we can help you, we will be in touch as soon as possible.

We will aim to offer wellness services that the community ask for.

If you would like group discussions or demonstrations on healthy food, fitness and wellness,

please get in touch by either filling out the I want a Community Class form or by contacting us for further queries. 

Get in touch by call, email or clicking on the Contact Us button below and we will arrange a meeting with you before we welcome you into our community.