I want to be a Sponsor

Aberdeen Blueberry Wellness is a social enterprise which invests in people to become personal trainers or group instructors and then employ them to work in and influence the health of their community.
We’re looking for businesses like yours to sponsor students through their education. These are the ways you can do this:

 Group Training Student – £1,000

Receive a monthly visit from your student for them to present what they have learned to your staff

Personal Training – £2,500
Receive monthly visits from your student. Also, member/s of staff may wish to receive a bespoke fitness plan from your student as part of a case study for the student in completing their education.

Personal Training and Digital Support with Hardware (e.g. computer or iPad etc) – £3,000
Receive monthly visits from your student on their learning progress. A member/s of staff receive a bespoke fitness plan as part of the students studies. Student able to wear branded clothing from the company to advertise the business during studies and promotional photographs.

The St. James’s Place

The St. James’s Place Charitable Foundation funds small and medium sized charities across the UK and overseas and has helped us by sponsoring one of our students.

Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership

Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership’s primary focus is to improve the health and wellbeing of citizens and their sponsorship helped us empower the people of Aberdeen.

The Fairer Aberdeen Fund

The Fairer Aberdeen Fund, allocated by the City Council, is managed by the Fairer Aberdeen Board. Their sponsorship has helped us support communities to to manage their health.

Want to learn more before sponsoring?