We are Proud to Be a CIMSPA Registered Partner

What is CIMSPA?

CIMSPA (The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity) is a professional development body for the UK’s sport and physical activity sector. CIMSPA helps to regulate the sector, shaping recognised and respected providers across the country.


What Does CIMSPA Do?


CIMSPA actively engages and partners with over 300 sport and physical activity sector organisations. These partnerships represent a commitment to delivering high standards of professionalism and excellence, whilst inspiring innovation, prospects, and career development within the workforce. CIMSPA is recognised by the government, national sports and education agencies, and the sector’s largest employers.

Why Complete Your Training Course with Blueberry Wellness?

As Blueberry Wellness is a recognised CIMSPA training education provider, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality training available. Our CIMSPA status, recognised and valued by employers across the UK, means that we are dedicated to leading and improving the health and fitness sector across all communities.

Our Lead Tutor at Blueberry Wellness, Laura Walker, is a chartered CIMSPA practitioner. She shares her extensive experience to guide you along every step of the way. Not only will you receive physical training education, but you will also benefit from the Laura’s mentorship and expertise as a CIMSPA chartered status professional.